Sleep Well, Lead Well

How Better Sleep Can Improve Leadership, Boost Productivity, and Spark Innovation

Office Manager Today – Jan 2017

Power is a significant, but little understood aspect of the supervisor-employee relationship. The word conjures up a wide variety of images because power is manifested in many different ways.

The Space Between Cause and Response

Excerpt from the Aspen Dental 2015 Leadership Retreat

How Uncommon Is Self Awareness?

Excerpt from the Aspen Dental 2015 Leadership Retreat

Smart + Technical + X Factor = Really?

Excerpt from the Aspen Dental 2015 Leadership Retreat

bridge between Overview

Samples of Shannon’s speaking style and a chance to find out more about what bridge between has to offer.

Navigating Change:
A Leader’s Role

OUR ORGANIZATIONS. Change can be seen as positive or negative, exciting or demoralizing, vital or unnecessary, easy or difficult — often all of the above. How can managers become better equipped to steer their organizations and their people through change?

L.I.F.E. @ a Glance Planner

Living In Focus Everyday This tool is designed to help you organize your priorities and invest your time wisely. I designed it because it’s what I needed to look ahead and what’s coming and prioritize each day. It includes three note pads, clipboard and pen. The tear pads are: Week at a Glance, Day at […]

Grounded in Gratitude

This five-year journal is created to write one reflection of gratitude per day. There are spaces after the 20___ to indicate the year. This journal is effective through 2099. One line a day. That’s all it take to gain the energy associated with gratitude.

Partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)

For immediate release: December 18, 2015 bridge between, inc. just entered into a partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) in order to provide clients cutting-edge leadership development resources that are researched and designed by a top-ranked, global provider of leadership development. Information about firm: bridge between, inc. has been a successful leadership development […]

Future Trends in Leadership Development

From the Center for Creative Leadership

Leadership Development Assessment

There are 32 strengths roles. People receive their top five, in order of significance. The 32 strengths are sorted into four categories: Relationship Building/ Strategic Thinking/ Influencing and Executing. Team results are analyzed and reviewed individually and collectively.

Change Management Prosci ADKAR Certified

Change Management Prosci ADKAR certified 2015 training sessions – Three-day change management certification session dates are now available for 2015. Sessions include new research data and ROI of change management analysis. Certification programs are available in the U.S. and across the globe. Please select the link for a complete list of locations and dates. Visit […]

Boss or Bossy

From the Center for Creative Leadership — When you work with teams, inevitably the “B” word shows up — “bossy.” Many professionals work with bossy people. What’s more, many bossy people have difficulty identifying this behavior within themselves so they never get a chance to correct it.

Empower In The Shower

Want to stay empowered on the go? Enjoy this adorable and fresh fragranced Empower in the Shower gift bag.

Reflection-Projection Journal

This handsome leather journal will help you focus your plans for the coming year.

The Gift of T.I.M.E.

Time is precious. Unlike money, possessions or other resources, time is finite and nonrefundable. Give yourself the gift of T.I.M.E.


by Shannon Cassidy Available Now!! What is it about a person that makes you drawn to them or repelled? How would you describe the energy someone provides or takes away? In a word: vibe. Vibe is the way an individual comes across. It’s how you feel about an individual you don’t even know. It’s a […]

5 Degree Principle

A Book by Shannon Cassidy — 5 degree shifts, as opposed to 180 degree turns are key to obtaining your goals.

Rethinking Trust

By Roderick M. Kramer, reprinted with permission from the Harvard Business Review — Our readiness to trust makes us likely to make mistakes. To survive as individuals, we’ll have to learn to temper our trust.


By Shannon Cassidy — Which pathway are you going to choose for your journey?

Shifts of Leadership

By Shannon Cassidy — As you progress deom team member, to manager, to director… how does your leadership shift?

What An Executive Coach Can Do For You?

By Paul Michelman– Is executive coaching at U.S. companies destined to play a role occupied by psychoanalysis in some Neil Simon version of Hollywood…

Formula For Fulfillment

By Shannon Cassidy — How bumpy would the ride be if this were a real wheel?

Setting “Smart” Goals and Brainstorming an Action Plan

By Shannon Cassidy– The process of creating “SMART” goals and how to develop an action plan for a selected goal.

Five Degree Shift: The Importance of Health and Wellness in Leadership

Are you an athlete? Is life a marathon or a sprint? How you can make the 5 Degree Shift.

What does your V.I.B.E. say about you as a Leader? The four hidden elements that convey true character in the workplace

Leadership is challenging. Successful leaders recognize that what’s beneath the surface of themselves and others is more relevant to success than what’s on the outside. To truly understand what makes us tick, we must be willing to explore the deeper levels of human awareness. The journey of self-exploration has four hidden elements. They can be described as your Leadership V.I.B.E. Your V.I.B.E (Values, Interests, Beliefs and Energy sources) is the way you come across to others.

The Attitude of Gratitude: A powerful tool to improve leadership, teamwork, and productivity in the workplace

As we enjoy the Fall season, stories of kindness and gratitude begin to circulate. Why does this theme resonate so powerfully among us? Statistics show that expressing gratitude not only improves your ability to divert behaviors like fear, blame, and anxiety, it’s also an important tool in driving workplace productivity.

Taking Action in the Last Quarter: How to go about achieving your goals by year end

The mid-year goal review has flown by and year end is quickly approaching. Looking back over your goals for 2013, it is important to check-in with yourself now to mark both your progress and steps needed to achieve them by the end of the year. We have one more quarter left this year. How are you doing? Finish strong.

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