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Lani Nelson Zlpuko

Dr. Lani Nelson-Zlupko is a goal-oriented, solution-driven clinician, coach and consultant who specializes in transition management. Her primary aim is to help people maximize their potential while effectively balancing the demands of their work and personal lives.

She received her bachelor’s degree from Harvard University, and received her master’s and doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work and Social Policy. She has developed treatment strategies that have become a training model for mental health professionals across the country. Her research has been published in several leading psychiatric and social work journals. In addition to private mental health counseling for individuals, couples and families, Dr. Nelson-Zlupko provides consultation, workshops, training, and keynote addresses regionally and nationally. She helps Fortune 500 companies as well as local and national non-profit and small business organizations manage crises, plan for effect transitions, manage and redirect difficult people, and effectively lead the people they serve. Lani has helped thousands of individuals, families, organizations and companies through the change process.

In addition to running her counseling and consulting practice based in Wilmington, Delaware, Lani serves on faculty at the University of Pennsylvania School for Social Policy and Practice (UPenn SP2) where she teaches doctoral students and consults on national research projects. Dr. Lani Nelson-Zlupko is passionate about her work. She believes that well-adjusted, confident people are the backbone of each generation. She is a wife and mother of three, who prizes her family and tends carefully to her own career-family-life balance.

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