Episode 10. Who Do Your Products and Services Reflect? The Business Imperative of Inclusion

EP 10. Guest Maureen

Maureen Greene James leads the FTI Consulting’s efforts to attract, retain and develop diverse talent and maintain an inclusive culture. She plays a pivotal role in creating and leading the diversity, inclusion and belonging strategy in partnership with the firm’s Executive Committee and segment leadership globally. 

She is a sought after speaker, diversity and inclusion advisor and leadership business consultant who possesses an exemplary brand for collaborating and consulting with senior executives, mid-career managers, and teams. Throughout her career as a People & Inclusion executive with AIG, Sears, Washington Mutual, PwC, Cognizant and presently, FTI Consulting, she has served as a principal voice to the business in the areas of Diversity & Inclusion, Change Management, Workplace Engagement, and Leadership Development. 

Maureen is a proud mom, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, animal lover (especially dogs), career coach, DI&B executive & champion, keynote speaker, small business owner. 

Favorite quote: “Don’t ever go back to anything you had to pray your way out of.”



Maureen Greene James, Cognizant, FTI Consulting. Production team: Nani Shin, Sheep Jam Productions, qodpod

“If we are not building out inclusive teams…we are not going to get to a place of creating diverse products and services for our clients and that’s going to hurt the bottom line of an organization.”

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