What does your V.I.B.E. say about you as a Leader? The four hidden elements that convey true character in the workplace

Leadership is challenging. Successful leaders recognize that what’s beneath the surface of themselves and others is more relevant to success than what’s on the outside. To truly understand what makes us tick, we must be willing to explore the deeper levels of human awareness. The journey of self-exploration has four hidden elements. They can be described as your Leadership V.I.B.E. Your V.I.B.E (Values, Interests, Beliefs and Energy sources) is the way you come across to others.

The Attitude of Gratitude: A powerful tool to improve leadership, teamwork, and productivity in the workplace

As we enjoy the Fall season, stories of kindness and gratitude begin to circulate. Why does this theme resonate so powerfully among us? Statistics show that expressing gratitude not only improves your ability to divert behaviors like fear, blame, and anxiety, it’s also an important tool in driving workplace productivity.

Taking Action in the Last Quarter: How to go about achieving your goals by year end

The mid-year goal review has flown by and year end is quickly approaching. Looking back over your goals for 2013, it is important to check-in with yourself now to mark both your progress and steps needed to achieve them by the end of the year. We have one more quarter left this year. How are you doing? Finish strong.

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