Navigating Change:
A Leader’s Role

OUR ORGANIZATIONS. Change can be seen as positive or negative, exciting or demoralizing, vital or unnecessary, easy or difficult — often all of the above. How can managers become better equipped to steer their organizations and their people through change?

Future Trends in Leadership Development

From the Center for Creative Leadership

Leadership Development Assessment

There are 32 strengths roles. People receive their top five, in order of significance. The 32 strengths are sorted into four categories: Relationship Building/ Strategic Thinking/ Influencing and Executing. Team results are analyzed and reviewed individually and collectively.

Boss or Bossy

From the Center for Creative Leadership — When you work with teams, inevitably the “B” word shows up — “bossy.” Many professionals work with bossy people. What’s more, many bossy people have difficulty identifying this behavior within themselves so they never get a chance to correct it.

Rethinking Trust

By Roderick M. Kramer, reprinted with permission from the Harvard Business Review — Our readiness to trust makes us likely to make mistakes. To survive as individuals, we’ll have to learn to temper our trust.


By Shannon Cassidy — Which pathway are you going to choose for your journey?

Shifts of Leadership

By Shannon Cassidy — As you progress deom team member, to manager, to director… how does your leadership shift?

What An Executive Coach Can Do For You?

By Paul Michelman– Is executive coaching at U.S. companies destined to play a role occupied by psychoanalysis in some Neil Simon version of Hollywood…

Formula For Fulfillment

By Shannon Cassidy — How bumpy would the ride be if this were a real wheel?

Setting “Smart” Goals and Brainstorming an Action Plan

By Shannon Cassidy– The process of creating “SMART” goals and how to develop an action plan for a selected goal.

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