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Do You Know Your Next Career Move?

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle “If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on!” – Sheryl Sandberg   What are your options to grow and evolve, when you’re already at a senior level? Obviously, that depends on your organization, your industry and your…

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How to Prepare Your Team for Fast Growth

Like the video that goes viral, fast growth can lead to some unintended consequences, both good and bad.   How your team reacts in moments of upheaval and change is entirely a reflection of the leadership. Fast growth can reveal tremendous opportunities and also major flaws. You and your team need to be ready for…

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5 Common Mistakes People Make When Giving a Presentation

You’ve been working for days on a presentation for the C-Suite, or the shareholders. Or perhaps you’ve been honing the text of a speech you hope will result in a standing ovation.   Keep these words in mind, however: “The human brain is a wonderful organ. It starts to work as soon as you are…

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3 Ways to Create a Happy Team at Work

Workplace happiness has a valuable ROI   Asking your team to look for gratitude in their every day can feel a little forced at first, but encourage them to persist! You, and they, will find that it makes a difference! We all want to be helpful at work but sometimes it takes a conscious act…

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Managing Change in a Media Landscape That is Always Changing

Media companies are prime examples of organizations that need to focus on positive change management strategies. Why? Because they are constantly evolving, more than any other industry. This is in part because of changes to technology that are creating new digital platforms. These platforms are fundamentally changing not only the ways in which we communicate…

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How to Get Your Team to Embrace Change

The key is to remember that people aren’t robots. This may seem like a trite phrase but organizations often forget, as they proceed at high speed to implement big changes (and small ones too), that people cannot be programmed to accept a change. They need to embrace change and be brought on board — a…

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Productivity is Catching: How to Boost Team Productivity

How modeling effective productivity skills can have a positive impact on your team members. You know the old saying that kids do what you do, not what you say? Employees are by no means children, but there is a grain of truth to the concept, even for adults! The single biggest barrier to productivity in…

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4 Ways to Display Generosity at Work

When we talk about generosity in leadership, we’re not referring to money. This isn’t about bonuses or increases. It’s about an enduring generosity of spirit, which infuses how a leader will affect their team members. How can a leader display generosity? So many ways! Being generous with time A leader who will not share their…

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Do You Want Your Team to Love or Fear You?

It’s possible to maintain control and be friendly with your team! Do you want your team to love or fear you? There’s a school of thought that says that you can’t lead a team and be friendly with its members. It’s the same thought that states that you can’t be friends with your kids. The…

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4 Steps to Improve Your Speech to Make an Impact Through Speaking

Do you need to improve your speech? As a thought leader, or a team leader, the technical aspects of your speech make a big difference in terms of the impact your speaking has on your team, the C-Suite or an auditorium full of people. Even when you’re not giving a speech to hundreds of people,…

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