Generosity is the new way to do business

Corporate leaders who invest in generosity are more inspiring leaders. A Bridge Between coach can help you get there.

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We’ve helped hundreds of CEOs and executives find their signature leadership style. We offer executive coaching, team building, and keynote speaking.


One-on-one personal coaching for CEOs who want to become generous, innovative leaders.

Work with a Bridge Between coach so you can:

  • Define your personal leadership style
  • Learn how to be the example of generosity for your management team
  • Navigate emotional dynamics so you can make level, focused decisions for your company

“I have the utmost trust and confidence in Shannon’s competence and experience as an executive coach and leadership development facilitator.”

“Her positive reputation and brand are widely known and clients return year after year. Shannon has the ability to deeply listen, ask challenging questions, and collaborate on key solutions that fit clients’ needs. I also admire the innovative spirit that Shannon brings to her work. It challenges all of us to continue to aim higher.”

Sara N. King

Principal, Optimum Insights, Inc., Center for Creative Leadership Faculty


Group facilitation for executive leaders who want to build connected Senior Leadership Teams across various departments.

Come together as a team with a Bridge Between coach so you can:

  • Learn how practicing small acts of generosity and building emotional intelligence can connect your team
  • Learn how to stop withholding information and infighting and get your teams rowing in the right direction
  • Improve your management skills by expanding your emotional toolkit

“Shannon is a masterful speaker with a powerful message.”

“One of the most critical elements of effective leadership and team performance is the ability to develop and nurture relationships. By demonstrating generosity, a culture of collaboration and compassion is created that will drive organizational performance to new heights. As a recognized expert, Shannon leverages her vast coaching and business experience to brilliantly and authentically deliver this message in a way that audiences find both entertaining and inspiring. Book Shannon now!”

Stephen Drum

Retired combat-tested Navy SEAL Master Chief, Speaker


Shannon’s keynote “Reciprocity: Give it all to have it all,” calls CEOs, business owners, and executive professionals to consider the impact of simply thanking employees for a job well done. She paints a picture of the future of business — one with a lot more humanity in it.

Book Shannon Cassidy as a keynote speaker for your conference or event.


“Shannon is an inspirational, dynamic speaker and coach who truly understands what it means to be authentic and generous.”

“In my over ten years of knowing her, listening to her, and watching her grow leaders I am ever more confident that her message is relevant, timely, and just what companies need to generate engagement, happy employees, and generous hearts.”

Lisa V. Chang

Chief People Officer, The Coca Cola Company

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