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Our coaches help corporate leaders create workplaces where your wins are celebrated, employees are invested in your success, and colleagues look to you as an example.

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What's your Network Diversity Index (NDI) score?

The Network Diversity Index (NDI) assessment will give you a trackable Network Diversity Index (NDI) score, with all of its components.

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What's your generosity state, right now?

To become a groundbreaking leader, you need to know where you stand. Discover your default generosity style with our free assessment.

Business has changed. Have you?

As a CEO, you’re laser-focused on the future. It seems like innovation is the only way to stay relevant. But there’s a heavy tax associated with being so preoccupied:

Your eNPS score is below 50%.

Your team sits through meeting mania multitasking on their phones.

You hit the KPIs your board assigns but your team doesn’t trust you. Everyone is on autopilot. Heads down. Focused on themselves. Not collaborating as a team.

Welcome to the new definition of CEO

The new CEO doesn’t have to choose between innovation and company culture. They encompass both.

  • In this role, you give freely of your time and attention.
  • You walk the halls and greet your team.
  • You recognize and give credit for ideas that go overlooked at a meeting.
  • You still meet every KPI from the board and your employees rave about working for you.
  • They become promoters of your company.
  • They stop zoning out at meetings and feel comfortable offering suggestions and ideas.
  • You keep the trains on time AND inspire a company that people love working for.

Generosity is the ace up your sleeve.
Ready to be remarkable?


Coaching & Facilitation

For innovative


As a trailblazer, you seek every competitive advantage you can. Generosity is that advantage. Much like an ROI, there is also an ROG (Return on Generosity).

Bridge Between offers coaching and facilitation services to help you and your team get the most on your return:

Executive Coaching


Work side-by-side with one of our Bridge Between coaches to find your signature leadership style.

The ROG for executive coaching:

  • Your generosity makes you inspiring to your team
  • Your net profits increase because employees are motivated, engaged, and collaborating
  • Your genuine acts of appreciation build trust at all levels of your company

Team Building


Bring in one of our Bridge Between coaches for group facilitation and get your teams finally working together.

The ROG for team building:

  • Your teams communicate effortlessly with other departments and reach their most profitable quarter in years
  • They race over to offer each other help and support
  • They succeed together and don’t settle for less

Keynote Speaking


Book our Founder and CEO Shannon Cassidy to speak at your next conference or function.

Shannon’s message of generosity is essential to:

  • Creating a more successful, happier, and invested workplace
  • Long-term stability and profitability for your company
  • How truly innovative leaders have found unprecedented success through generosity


Makes "good" Leaders


You grow when you give. Give time. Give praise. Give a damn. Generosity is a choice. Not a random act of kindness or a one-time decision.

You’re a flexible leader. You are used to adapting and shifting the way you lead to maintain an edge against your competition.

That’s where Bridge Between comes in. We can help you adapt to leading with generosity.

For 20 years, we’ve armed hundreds of groundbreaking CEOs and executives, like you, with generosity. Our coaches will help you find your signature leadership style that speaks to the new definition of CEO.

Rise to meet your new role — with Bridge Between.


“Just what companies need…”

“Shannon is an inspirational, dynamic speaker and coach who truly understands what it means to be authentic and generous. In my over ten years of knowing her, listening to her and watching her grow leaders I am ever more confident that her message is relevant, timely and just what companies need to generate engagement, happy employees and generous hearts.”

Lisa V. Chang

Chief People Officer, The Coca-Cola Company

“She has been instrumental...”

“Shannon is a dynamic coach and speaker. She has an outstanding ability to engage and inspire her audience. She has been instrumental in our quest to build a better culture and improve collaboration and performance of our sales and marketing teams.”

Luis Arias

Chief Marketing Officer, CH Briggs

“Bridge Between is my go-to-resource...”

“Whether it is executive coaching, one-on-one leadership mentoring or group facilitation, Bridge Between is my go-to resource for personalized staff development.”

Corporate Senior Vice President

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