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Celebrating 20th Anniversary in 2020!

We are reflecting on the past twenty years with GRATITUDE for the countless ways you’ve enabled us to help connect potential to performance. Partnerships like ours are the gifts that last and mean the most. May the New Year bring you joy, happiness, abundance and fulfillment.

Engage in gratitude and generosity this year.  Allow us to support your journey to G.I.V.E.(Gratitude, Impact, Volunteerism and Engagement)

With gratitude,
Shannon Cassidy

When you’re ready to build a solid foundation for success, bridge between provides the keystone. Fine-tuned through decades of hands-on experience, supplemented by researched, in-depth knowledge, and seasoned with excitement, energy, and passion, our services maximize your return on investment and help produce sustainable results.

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Grateful to see the rewards of loyalty, leadership and positive succession. Linda Rendle, promoted to CEO of @CloroxCo! Congratulations! Your products keep us safe from germs and your succession planning is recognized.

#GIVE_2020 #SuccessionPlanning

Watched Crip Camp last night. Must see.
They, the disabled, and those who care, created community, used their resources, band together and they MADE CHANGE. They want: To matter. Dignity. Respect. Allies. Equality. Love.
#CripCamp #CampJened #JudithHeumann

Giving gratitude for the kindness of doctors and nurses who go the extra mile for their patients. India Marshall needed surgery and woke up to re-braided hair, separated around the incisions. The gift was from her surgeon, Dr. Greywoode. #Kindness

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