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Network Diversity Index (N.D.I.)

Awareness of your circles of interaction is one often over-looked simple key to a more generous, inclusive world, starting with you.

Illustration of people’s faces: men, woman, young and elderly of different races, ethnicities, colors, nations and religions - Social Diversity Concept
  • Who do you go to lunch with?
  • Who writes the books you read?
  • Who do you gather with when you socialize, play, or pursue your favorite hobbies?

When you start to notice who you spend time with, you begin to get a snapshot of the diversity (or lack thereof) that feeds your thinking, your beliefs, and your actions.

Intentionally seeking out different perspectives when making a decision, broadening the media you consume, and building personal connections with people who are different from you is essential to building workplaces and communities of connection and compassion. The influence and enrichment of cultural, racial, religious, abilities, languages, and other differences will give you a broader and more accurate view of humanity. This kind of inclusive world view has far-reaching impact.

There are bottom line benefits too. Diverse teams are 87% better at making crucial decisions than individuals or homogenous teams. More and more research studies are proving the point: diverse teams are high performance teams.

The Network Diversity Index (N.D.I.) assessment will give you a trackable Network Diversity Index (N.D.I.) score, with all of its components. Once you know where and how you can expand your connections with other ways of thinking, believing, and acting, you can immediately start to shift. Imagine what you can accomplish when you improve your Network Diversity Index (N.D.I.) by even a few points.

  • How much more generous and compassionate will you and your team be?
  • What can your team accomplish?
  • What kind of impact will you have?
  • What difference can you make in your industry, organization, or community? 

The power of increasing your Network Diversity Index (N.D.I.) isn’t limited to decision making. Diverse workplaces are also tied to 38-41% higher revenues.

The purpose of the Network Diversity Index (N.D.I.) is to help you strategically and intentionally diversify your network in practical ways so that you can improve personal outcomes, increase team performance, and positively impact your organization and community. Shifting your Network Diversity Index (N.D.I.) is not about checking boxes or making surface level connections solely for your own benefit. Reciprocity and generosity are at the core of everything we do at Bridge Between Inc., including raising the world’s Network Diversity Index (N.D.I.).