The Five Degree Principle is an atlas to the slowly unfolding, step-by-step path to progress and substantive change. Journey through the compelling fable of struggling executive Lauren and her devoted coach Andrea. Learn how Andrea inspires Lauren to use actionable tools and effective, straightforward strategies to take on tough, interpersonal challenges, both at home and in her workplace. Follow Lauren as she creatively rewrites her life story one step at a time.


What is it about a person that makes you drawn to them or repelled? How would you describe the energy someone provides or takes away? In a word: vibe. Vibe is the way an individual comes across. It's how you feel about an individual you don't even know. It's a presence. It's the experience of a person. Their impact. Aura. Affect. Each of us have a vibe. What does V.I.B.E. mean? Your V.I.B.E. consists of four specific pieces. Your Values. Your Interests. Your Beliefs. Your Energy Sources. This workbook is designed to take you on a journey. A discovery of what lies beneath and how that impacts you and others. Dare to explore!


This five-year journal is created to write one reflection of gratitude per day. There are spaces after the 20___ to indicate the year. This journal is effective through 2099. One line a day. That’s all it take to gain the energy associated with gratitude.

The page to begin each month has a quote to inspire the month ahead. Each day has a motivational quote or writing prompt like, “Who has made a significant impact on your life?”