What is it about a person that makes you drawn to them or repelled? How would you describe the energy someone provides or takes away? In a word: vibe. Vibe is the way an individual comes across. It's how you feel about an individual you don't even know. It's a presence. It's the experience of a person. Their impact. Aura. Affect. Each of us have a vibe. What does V.I.B.E. mean? Your V.I.B.E. consists of four specific pieces. Your Values. Your Interests. Your Beliefs. Your Energy Sources. This workbook is designed to take you on a journey. A discovery of what lies beneath and how that impacts you and others. Dare to explore!

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"VIBE takes something that seems so complicated and makes it so simple! I highly recommend it especially if you want to become more powerful at work. "

- Lisa

"At this time of year with New Year's resolutions being so hard to stick with, I finally found a way to unravel my innermost self and set out on a path to success that is doable! I totally get the idea that to make connections to others I have to first connect with myself. Great book. Easy to follow. I only wish I had this book years ago."

- Reenie

"The V.I.B.E. process was fun, interactive, introspective and helped me understand parts of me I never knew."

- Program Participant

"I am excited to live out my true V.I.B.E. - this activity helped me connect elements of my life in a new and refreshing way."

- Program Participant