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What is the return on generous leadership and a generous culture? Host Shannon Cassidy speaks with innovative leaders who share real-life examples of the dividend of investing in others.

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Latest Episodes

95. Feedback | Generous Leadership Coaching Tip

95. Feedback Think of an example of a behavior from the not-too-distant past.  Host: Shannon Cassidy Shannon Cassidy is Founder and CEO of Bridge Between, Inc. a boutique leadership development firm…

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94. Jenn T. Grace – Multiply Your Impact

94. Jenn T. Grace – Multiply Your Impact “What if I can be the catalyst behind hundreds of authors getting their thought leadership and their message and their purpose on…

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93. Crucial Conversations | Generous Leadership Coaching Tip

93. Crucial Conversations | Generous Leadership Coaching Tip Have the conversation.  Host: Shannon Cassidy Shannon Cassidy is Founder and CEO of bridge between, inc. a boutique leadership development firm specializing…

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92. Shane Portfolio – Why ”Priority” is Singular

“A culture is defined by the worst behavior you are willing to accept.” — Shane Portfolio Guest Info: Shane is a 14-year veteran of the U.S. Army, where he was…

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Episode 91. R.O.G. Recap 2022 (so far) and What’s Next

“Work in progress!” — Shannon Cassidy Guest Info: Shannon Cassidy is Founder and CEO of bridge between, inc. a boutique leadership development firm specializing in behavioral change, executive presence, effective…

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Episode 90. Jan Siegmund – Lead with Authenticity

Jan Siegmund is Cognizant’s Chief Financial Officer. In this role, he leads the company’s worldwide Financial Planning and Analysis, Accounting and Controllership, Tax, Treasury and Internal Audit functions. He also…

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Episode 89. Amber Hikes – Weaponize Your Privilege

Amber Hikes (they/she) is a social justice advocate, community organizer, TED Talk Speaker, and unapologetically queer and Black. As the ACLU’s first Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer, they provide vision,…

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Episode 88. Rhodes Perry – Belonging at Work

Rhodes Perry, MPA (he/him) is a bestselling author, sought-after keynoter, and an award-winning social entrepreneur. Nationally recognized as a diversity, equity, and inclusion thought leader, he has 20 years of…

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Episode 87. Cathleen Quigley – Understanding Transgender Identity and Transition

Cathleen Thomas Quigley is a transwoman engineer, performer, philanthropist and activist. She attended high school in Athens, Georgia before graduating with degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech…

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Episode 86. H Walker – “Add To” vs. “Fitting In” 

H Walker serves as the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer for Boys & Girls Clubs of America. He is responsible for leading the organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion strategy. Walker…

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Episode 85. Michele Meyer-Shipp – Who Am I Missing? 

Michele C. Meyer-Shipp was announced as CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide, the leading global nonprofit employment resource for women, on January 12, 2022. Michele will lead the organization’s 145…

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Episode 84. Ron Tite – What Generous Leaders Think Do and Say

An entrepreneur, speaker, and best-selling author, Ron Tite has always blurred the lines between art and commerce. He has been an award-winning advertising writer and Creative Director for some of…

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