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What is the return on generous leadership and a generous culture? Host Shannon Cassidy speaks with innovative leaders who share real-life examples of the dividend of investing in others.

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Latest Episodes

156. Daisy Auger-Domínguez – Leading with Humanity: Guide to Modern Management

“It really is about those micro moments that we experience every day. That’s culture.” “We have this collective exhaustion that we’re also not talking about.” Daisy Auger-Domínguez is an accomplished…

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155. Hannah Wunsch – Generosity in Healthcare: Learning from History

“This is very much an origin story for an entire specialty in medicine, critical care. …and to see how far we’ve come really does make one stop and appreciate what…

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154. Jill Bramble – 4-H | Head, Heart, Hands, Health

“All young people have potential. That they’re not problems to be fixed. They all have potential, which is a different starting point.” “4-H is the largest youth development organization in…

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153. Lori LeBas – Kindness, Karma, Culture, Career

“You need to put boundaries in place. You need to live your life…If you don’t ever see anything but the work that’s in front of you, you lack the perspective…

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152. Bob Burg – Go-Giver

“Law number five is the law of receptivity. This says the key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving. And this means nothing more than understanding that, yeah,…

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151. Stephanie Mitchko – Mind Skills

“They want boundaries. They feel safe with boundaries. They understand where they end and you begin because of boundaries. People love to understand what is expected. Those are big-hearted boundaries.”…

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150. Zenita Henderson – Lead with Purpose

“You got to work the room, know who you’re talking to, know what you’re working with.” “Let people know you did that work, but also take the temperature in the…

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149. David Olivencia – NetWORKing Excellence

“Once they identify the people in the networks that are aligned to their goals and interests, then it’s about pouring the value, pouring the generosity, and you’re not necessarily expecting…

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148. Michelle Angela Ortiz – Storytelling and Activism through Public Art

“Taking that gratitude and just use it as fuel then to be on a mission for how you’re going to be the spirit for those who come beyond us.  I…

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147. Monica Diaz – Intent to Impact

“To create generous leaders is to be clear about who you are. That’s why I started the book with identity. Who you are and why you do what you do…

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146. Judge Nelson Diaz – Not from Here, Not from There

“If you take a survey, everybody thinks that all of the Latinos just got here the other day and came over the border…More than 68% of most Latinos are born…

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145. Tiffany Tavarez – Living Audaciously

“Every day I wake up, I don’t feel the need to explain why I or the community I identify with exists.” “I choose chronic self conviction over chronic self-doubt.” Tiffany…

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