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What is the return on generous leadership and a generous culture? Host Shannon Cassidy speaks with innovative leaders who share real-life examples of the dividend of investing in others.

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Latest Episodes

140. Tonya Ladipo – Win, Win, Win

“The way to be most impactful at work requires us to use skills that many of us were, including myself, were not taught growing up…Many of us were not taught…

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139. Wendy H. Steele – Collective Generosity

“It does help you biologically for those reasons because cortisol and oxytocin can’t coexist in our bodies. Which means the more stressed we are, the less likely we are to…

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138. Working Genius | TENACITY with Julie Dobbins

“The genius of Tenacity is really about driving projects and tasks towards completion. You know, getting things across the finish line and ensuring that you are meeting the standards that…

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137. Working Genius | ENABLEMENT with Julie Dobbins

“When you have Enablement on a team, people don’t feel alone. They don’t feel forgotten.” – Julie Dobbins “The genius of Enablement is really about being able to anticipate needs,…

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136. Working Genius | GALVANIZING with Julie Dobbins

“The genius of Galvanizing…love to rally people to get on board. They are creating energy around an idea or a plan. They are bringing momentum and direction for the team,…

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135. Working Genius | DISCERNMENT with Julie Dobbins

“The genius of Discernment is really about having a gut instinct and being able to see patterns, using a pattern and trend recognition. Using intuition to assess and refine and…

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134. Working Genius | INVENTION with Julie Dobbins

“The genius of Invention is probably the one that most people would think…they are geniuses! They’re coming up with a new idea…creating a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.”…

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133. Working Genius | WONDER with Julie Dobbins

“Wonder is really about asking questions. It’s about pondering and really seeing the big picture; seeing what’s possible; looking at untapped potential; that need for improvement or for change in…

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132. Julie Dobbins – The Six Types of Working Genius

“The best leader is a self-aware leader. It’s the leader who knows where they can contribute, how they show up, how they impact those around them.” – Julie Dobbins Guest…

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131. Joe Fortune – Winning with Authenticity

“I either win or I learn.” – Nelson Mandella “Authenticity is the pixie dust of supercharging potential, but also of creating a positive work culture at any level.” – Joe…

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130. Frank Patterson – Value of Time is Attention

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – Dr. Seuss “Cash value of time is attention.” – Frank Patterson Guest…

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129. Forgiveness | Generous Leadership Coaching Tip

Host Bio:  Shannon Cassidy is Founder and CEO of Bridge Between, Inc. a boutique leadership development firm specializing in behavioral change, executive presence, effective communication, collaborative teamwork, empowering leadership, and…

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