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What is the return on generous leadership and a generous culture? Host Shannon Cassidy speaks with innovative leaders who share real-life examples of the dividend of investing in others.

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Latest Episodes

Episode 42. Susan Jin Davis – People First

Susan Jin Davis has 30 years of experience in the telecommunications, media, entertainment, and technology industries. She currently serves as Social Impact Officer for Al Roker Entertainment, a leading producer of…

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Episode 41. Lain Hensley – The Odyssey of Giving

Lain Hensley is the Head Dream Chaser & Co-Founder of Odyssey Teams In 2014, Lain won a hard-fought battle against cancer and he hasn’t taken a minute of life for…

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Episode 40. Noha Abdalla – CMO MyEyeDr. – Vision and Values

Noha Abdalla is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at MyEyeDr. and is leading the marketing innovation and digitization efforts that will contribute to delivering our next generation patient experience.  Under…

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Episode 39. Nathalie Walton – Expectful

Nathalie is the CEO of Expectful, the #1 meditation and sleep platform for expecting and new parents.  Nathalie was introduced to meditation in 2002 during a visit to a Buddhist…

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Episode 38. Jennifer Brown – Inclusive Leadership

Jennifer Brown (she/her) is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, author, and diversity and inclusion expert who is deeply passionate about building more inclusive workplaces where more of us can feel welcomed,…

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Episode 37. Kevin Schnieders – Servant Leadership

Kevin Schnieders is the CEO and President of EDSI. Striving to be the solution for companies and people in transition, EDSI is a workforce development, customized training and consulting company.…

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Episode 36. Shameka Young – Cognizant

As Cognizant’s VP and Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), Shameka Young is responsible for driving a more integrated global and regional approach to diversity and inclusion through data…

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Episode 35. Annie Howell – Crown Media Family Networks

Annie Howell Chief Communications Officer at Crown Media, home of Hallmark Channel. She is a communications, training and coaching executive with over 30 years of experience leading teams that excel…

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Episode 34. Justin Connolly – The Walt Disney Company

As President of Platform Distribution for Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution (DMED), Justin Connolly oversees all third-party media sales efforts for distribution, affiliate marketing and affiliate-related business operations for all…

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Episode 33. Nicky Westhead – Arloesan

Nicky is a Global Executive Leadership Pioneer, Coach and Group Engager blending thirty years as a Professional Certified and Organizational Leadership Coach, Chartered Psychologist, founder and entrepreneur in her business…

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Episode 32. Matt Zelesko – Comcast – 2 to the 5th Power

Matt Zelesko is the SVP and Chief Technology Officer at Comcast. He leads the product organization, which focuses on delivering best in class products in three key areas: Digital Home,…

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Episode 31. Dena Herrin – Girls Inc.

Dena Has served as the Executive Director of Girls Inc. of Greater Philadelphia & Southern New Jersey since January 2015. While leading the Philadelphia based affiliate, revenues have grown from…

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