187. George Galaz – Building Trust: The Foundation for Loyalty and Commitment

R.O.G. EP 187 George Galaz

The benefit is the reward at a personal level is the reward that you see when you see others grow and succeed. Whenever I, whenever you see somebody stuck in, in, in their current situation, um, the generous thing to do is to reach out and help them find or define, um, the path that they need to follow in order to reach the next level.

George Galaz is a Canadian citizen who holds a degree from the Professional Institute of Computer Science (1989). In 2005, he studied economics, marketing, financial analysis, international business, data modeling, business leadership, and corporate governance —among other subjects.

He was also an instructor of software and programming languages at Universidad de Chile’s Faculty of Continuing Education.

Since 2019, George is responsible for the Network Control business for HITACHI Energy, a Japan-based corporation committed to developing leading edge technologies to advance a sustainable energy future for all. 

George tries to remain active by playing tennis and riding his road bicycle. He plays an instrument and enjoys relaxing on the beach reading a good business book. He is committed to giving back to society, and uses every opportunity he has to coach individuals on finding a successful career path.

R.O.G. Takeaway Tips:

  • Look for opportunities to help others.
  • Generosity is compassion, R.O.C., Return on Compassion
  • Look for the best in others and for others. 
  • Build a foundation of trust.
  • Take the blame
  • Defend those who are not in the room. 
  • Look for generous signals. 
  • Celebrating compassion and generosity. 
  • Live this formula: Trust leads to loyalty; Loyalty leads to commitment; Commitment leads to performance. 
  • Be grateful for strengths and how to partner with team members. 
  • Establish boundaries, rules and expectations.
  • Interviews are a two way conversation.
  • Never forget where we come from.


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George Galaz, Sheep Jam Productions, Host Shannon Cassidy, Bridge Between, Inc.

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