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“The greatest lessons I’ve ever learned are not from my successes. They are from my failures and I’ve had plenty of both. So don’t be afraid to fail.” – Maria Brennan

“If you can’t get out of it, get into it.” – Michael Brennan

Maria E. Brennan, CAE, is the President & CEO of The WICT Network: Empowering Women in Media, Entertainment and Technology, a 10,000 member global nonprofit celebrating 40 years of serving women in the cable industry. During her time at The WICT Network, Brennan has worked collaboratively with its leaders and stakeholders to steer the organization’s strategic vision, resulting in record levels of membership, sponsor support, and program participation. Brennan has over 25 years of executive management experience with non-profits ranging in size from 2,000 to 33,000 members, with particular expertise in the areas of strategic planning, communications and advocacy.

As the public voice of The WICT Network, Brennan is an experienced spokesperson and advocate for the media industry and diversity, equity and inclusion. She is a frequently quoted expert on equal pay issues and work/life integration and has been published or featured in such magazines as Broadcasting & Cable, Working Mother, Association Trends, Selecta and Cablefax.

Brennan is an award-winning writer, having received an EXCEL Award for her byline, “Hear Me Roar.” She was elected to serve on the Women’s Leadership Board at Harvard University in 2007. She is a charter member of the FCC Advisory Committee on Diversity and Digital Empowerment, where she recently finished her sixth term. She is a coalition member of WIPP — Women Impacting Public Policy — and a Commissioner for the Girl Scouts Healthy Media Council. Brennan was recognized with a Vanguard Award by NCTA–The Internet & Television Association, in recognition of her contributions to the media industry’s innovation, growth and progress. Brennan has been named among Cablefax’s list of Most Powerful Women in Cable annually since 2010 and in 2022 received Cablefax’s Women’s Advocacy Champion award.

R.O.G. Takeaway Tips:

  • Know your roots. Give respect and appreciation for your history.
  • Invest in others.
  • Measure what matters. What do I want to measure and how can I be the best possible? 
  • Life is not designed to be easy. 
  • Get to know people. They are so darn interesting. 
  • Engage in discussions with curiosity. Understand first before being understood. 
  • It’s okay to not have an opinion about everything.


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