175. Liz Christo – A-Game: Uniting Authenticity, Accountability, Autonomy, and Alignment

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You have to give without the expectation of return…you can be pointing your time in the right direction, but it is not a give and take. So much of what is asked of you, or where you choose to give, should be done without any expectations.

Liz Christo is a Partner at Stage 2 Capital where she partners with Dan Heck to back early stage entrepreneurs in their journey to build generational software businesses.

Liz spent the last 6 years at OpenView Venture Partners. She joined OpenView in 2016 to lead the Expansion Platform and build out the post-investment consulting team, was elevated to Partner and joined the Investment Committee in 2017, and ultimately led the Investment team with a focus on developing the systems, processes and team to identify and win the best expansion stage software deals.

Prior to joining OpenView, Liz spent a decade as an operator. Her experience spans sales operations, account management and inside sales. As the AVP of Worldwide Business Development at NetSuite, she launched and scaled NetSuite’s BDR team to a 170-person global organization.

Liz is an avid reader, amateur chef and spends as much time as she can outside in Vermont with her husband Drew and dog Bear.

R.O.G. Takeaway Tips:

  • The treasure of time and how are we investing that treasure? 
  • Be generous with your time and have boundaries. 
  • Invest in self-care.
  • Think about the culture you’re creating and what is the value of working here? How are we attracting talent and retaining talent? 
  • Have clarity of your values and how they are celebrated. 
  • Give without the expectation of return.


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