92. Shane Portfolio – Why ”Priority” is Singular

R.O.G. Shane

“A culture is defined by the worst behavior you are willing to accept.” — Shane Portfolio

Guest Info:

Shane is a 14-year veteran of the U.S. Army, where he was a Platoon Sergeant recognized as a Top Gun for Colorado and served as a leadership instructor for Combat Arms Units. Shane is also a lifelong learner; after earning his Bachelor of Science at Metropolitan State University of Denver in Computer Information Systems and Management Science, he went on to earn several advanced degrees, including master’s degrees in Organizational Leadership from Regis University and in Telecommunications from Denver University. He is now in his PhD program focused on diversity and inclusion in the technology industry, with an expected completion of 2022. 

Shane Portfolio is Senior Vice President of Field Operations Engineering for Comcast Cable leading the company’s One Network, XOC, Headend Operations and Plant Maintenance organizations. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President of Technical Operations and Engineering for Comcast Cable’s West Division, with responsibility for engineering, technical operations and advanced services for more than six million customers. Shane oversaw the Division’s fiber network and IP-based infrastructure. He also led the Division’s technical operations and engineering teams responsible for testing and deployment of new technologies and resources to deliver innovative new products and services as well as a reliable network and customer experience.

Previously, Shane served as Regional Vice President of Engineering for the California region, responsible for the oversight, guidance, direction and vision for all technical engineering aspects throughout the Comcast California footprint. With a career at Comcast spanning 23 years, his journey has taken him from the Central Division’s Engineering and eXcellence in Operations Centers (XOC), which monitors the network around the clock to identify and address issues that could impact service for multiple customers, to the National Engineering and Technical Operations center, which oversaw Comcast’s nationwide backbone and wholesale organization, to leadership roles in IP Operations and network capacity planning. Shane’s extensive experience, leadership ability, and passion continues to assist with setting the pace and direction of the Engineering teams across the enterprise.

Favorite Quote:

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” —  Dr. Maya Angelou 

R.O.G. Takeaway Tips:

The Great Reset:

  1. Mission clarity. Do you see the value and purpose of the work you do each day? What is fulfilling about your current role? Is the mission of my organization clear to you? Does it inspire you to bring your best energy to work? Are you making a creative contribution to the mission?
  2. Career growth. In what ways are you growing? You listen to podcasts to grow – that’s admirable. In what other ways are you growing? What opportunities are available to you within your organization? How are you taking responsibility for your continual improvement? Do you see an opportunity for development and advancement? Is it a career or a job?
  3. Curiosity culture – is your voice heard? Can you ask questions? Are you encouraged to be curious? That sense of wonder is the missing ingredient in any Fixed mindset, stagnant culture, situation, and relationships. How well do you model a growth mindset.? For example: are you inspired by the success of others or do you judge them as lucky or brown nosers? Do you see challenges as opportunities for growth or unfortunate things happening TO you? Growth mindset is something we can practice daily.

Two more:

  1. Focus on your priority
  2. Prioritize self-care


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