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Develop Entrepreneurial Job Strengths and Watch Your Business Thrive

A key to surviving and thriving in the business world is developing your job strengths as an entrepreneur. Though you already have the technical knowledge required for your industry, there are some general strengths that may not come naturally. Here are a few that many entrepreneurs need to improve: Open-mindedness Risk acceptance Persuasive communication Prioritization…

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How To Increase Your Work Potential Beyond the Office

Increase work performance Modern workers average 8.8 hours a day in the office. That’s approximately 2, 288 hours a year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, we spend only a minimal amount of time on leisure or other activities. We’re working… a lot. I often find well-intended people working more and more hours…

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Save The Date: Regional Event, V.I.B.E.

Join us for an engaging discussion as we invest time in our most valuable resource, YOU. Join us June 18, 2014 for an engaging discussion as we invest time in our most valuable resource, YOU. Where Vibrancy, Innovation, Brilliance, and Excitement Originate! Who are you? What drives your behavior? How can you be more resilient,…

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Southern California Spring Educational Event

Shannon will be one of the speakers at the 2014 Southern California Spring Educational Event. Click here to register and mark your calendars for Thursday, May 15th to be in Long Beach, California. Please join the NEW Southern California Region for an exciting event on The Queen Mary! A professional photographer will take your photo…

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How to Utilize Team Strengths to Develop Individuals

Grow Individual Performance On The Job by Using Team Strengths So there you sit watching the team around you constantly excel while asking yourself “What can I do to develop my job strengths?” The answer, figure out what strengthens you. What do you love to do? What fills you with energy and passion? Those activities…

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Four Cliches for Tapping into Your Values and Beliefs to do Your Best Work

Simple phrases and what they mean to you at work. These simple phrases are easy to remember. In fact, you’ve probably heard a hundred types of cliches. Did you know cliches can help you tap into your values and beliefs to do your best work? Here are four cliches that speak directly to leadership and…

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What does your V.I.B.E. say about you as a Leader?

Leadership is challenging. Successful leaders recognize that what’s beneath the surface of themselves and others is more relevant to success than what’s on the outside. To truly understand what makes us tick, we must be willing to explore the deeper levels of human awareness. The journey of self-exploration has four hidden elements. They can be…

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The Attitude of Gratitude:

As we enjoy the Fall season, stories of kindness and gratitude begin to circulate. Why does this theme resonate so powerfully among us? Statistics show that expressing gratitude not only improves your ability to divert behaviors like fear, blame, and anxiety, it’s also an important tool in driving workplace productivity. A powerful tool to improve…

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Taking Action in the Last Quarter:

The mid-year goal review has flown by and year end is quickly approaching. Looking back over your goals for 2013, it is important to check-in with yourself now to mark both your progress and steps needed to achieve them by the end of the year. We have one more quarter left this year. How are…

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Shannon Cassidy featured guest on Women to Watch

Saturday, May 4th at 3pm on 1180 WFYL AM, online at or on your smart phone at tunein radio! Shannon is being featured on the talk show Women to Watch. Show host Susan Rocco leads intimate conversations with successful women in the greater Philadelphia area. Learn more about Shannon’s accomplishments and how she became…

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