Episode 60. Jerry Won – Authentic Storytelling

R.O.G. EP 60 Jerry Won

Jerry Won is a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and host who has worked with some of the world’s most recognized brands in corporate and higher education. He speaks on a variety of topics including authentic storytelling, personal branding, and the Asian American experience in the workplace.

He is the Founder & CEO of Just Like Media, an Asian American storytelling company whose podcast brands include Dear Asian AmericansMBAsiansThe Janchi Show, and Asian Podcast Network; partnerships include McDonald’s, US Census 2020, and US Dept. of Health and Human Services.

Prior, he was a Senior Strategy Consultant at Accenture and sales leader at start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Jerry has a BS from USC Marshall and an MBA from Michigan Ross, where he served as President of the Student Government Association. He currently serves on the Marshall Volunteer Leadership Council and Alumni Association of University of Michigan’s Asian/Asian American Pacific Islander Affinity Club. Along with his wife Kyung and his two children, Jerry lives in Southern California.

Favorite Quote:

“Hakuna Matata” – The Lion King Movie

Quote from interview:
“To tell people, ‘Hey, I think your story matters. And I want to use my platform, which is a privilege that I have to be able to share your story with other people.’ There’s no better than that. I think is the most humbling thing that anybody can hear. For somebody to say, I think your story matters because for so long we all deal with imposter syndrome and self-doubt, and that’s regardless of what you look like.”

R.O.G. Takeaway Tips:

What are elements of our identity? Here are twelve to consider for yourself:

  1. Family and relationships
  2. Talents and abilities
  3. Race, ethnicity, cultural heritage
  4. Defining moments and experiences
  5. Gender orientation
  6. Beliefs and values
  7. Physical appearance and characteristics
  8. Education
  9. Occupation
  10. Age
  11. Roles

Jerry recommends we greet each person with curiosity as opposed to judgment. How could we not? Be curious about yourself. Be curious about others. It’s amazing how remarkably similar we all are, yet none of us are the same. Know your worth + value others.

Join us next week for Dr. Omolara Uwemedimo. She’s a medical professional who experienced her limits. Since then she has dedicated her work to medicine, self-love and empowering others to build businesses and make a difference.

Until next week, stay generous everyone.



Coming Next:

Episode 61, we will be joined by Dr. Omolara Thomas Uwemedimo



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