Episode 71. Cianna Stewart – Dying Kindly

EP 71 Cianna Stewart

Cianna P. Stewart produces and hosts Dying Kindness, a podcast for people who are going to die someday. The goal is to help people make key decisions now in order to be kinder to those they’ll leave behind. Cianna’s varied resume includes community organizing, HIV prevention, nonprofit management, startups, theater, documentaries, and event production. Cianna’s tagline: Super curious about nearly everything.

Favorite Quote:

“This, too, shall pass.”

Quote from interview:

“If you think about the impact that your death will have on the people that you leave behind, the people that you say that you love, then, you want that to be as good an experience as it can be in a really bad circumstance.”

R.O.G. Takeaway Tips:

  • Create a back up plan so your talent can take vacation, time off and bereavement time.
  • Create a safe space for people to share about their circumstance and how you may be able to support them with flexibility or resources.
  • Set up your emergency contact information on your mobile device.
  • Plan thoughtfully so the people who will remain after you pass don’t have to carry the burden of figuring it all out while they are grieving.


Coming Next:

Episode 72: We will be joined by Michael Hudson, Aspire Leadership.


Cianna Stweart, Sheep Jam Productions, Host Shannon Cassidy, Bridge Between, Inc.

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